RoleSync - Role Management Software

A closer look


Accelerate the contribution employees make with Role Binders. These binders facilitate the collection and organization of critical files and processes for each employee in the organization. Employees have at their fingertips all the information they need to start making signification contributions to the organization.

Simplify the complexity of onboarding. Help your employees hit the ground running by providing them with all their responsibilities, KPIs, files, processes, and contacts specific to their job - all in one place. Remove the confusion and help them be productive on day one.

Accelerate contributions


Manage the change in your organization proactively. Change is constant and this change can derail companies if not managed effectively. RoleSync provides the foundation to ensure seamless transitions of employees in and out of the company.

Don’t be caught off guard. When employees change jobs or leave the company, the usual reaction is panic and the stress of trying to figure out what the employee was doing and where the information is. RoleSync removes the stress and confusion of job changes so you can focus on growth.

Manage change


Measure the performance to improve the performance. RoleSync provides a clear and simple process for driving improved performance throughout the organization. Clearly define the roles of your employees, establish the success metrics against which they will be measured, and collect feedback on their performance compared to the documented goals.

Framework for success. With the framework in place, objective conversations take place about ways the employees can make significant contributions to the organization going forward.

Measure performance


Capture the critical knowledge of employees. Employees gain important tribal knowledge as they do their jobs. Often that knowledge is lost if the employee leaves the company. Implement RoleSync within your organization to ensure this critical knowledge is captured, retained, and shared so your organization continues to grow.
Capture knowledge

Give RoleSync a test-drive to see how it can help drive employee productivity in your organization.

RoleSync Features

Alignment Alignment and Visibility

Drive alignment throughout the organization by providing visibility to the goals and objectives of your organization. Productivity increases as employees understand how their goals align with management and the organization as a whole.

Track performance Performance Tracking

Measuring and tracking performance powers progress and improvement. Set goals that are aligned with the employee’s specific job functions and track their performance against those goals. Collect feedback from the various stakeholders and implement plans for improvement and growth all within RoleSync.

Knowledge capture Knowledge Capture

Don’t suffer from decreased productivity when employees change jobs and take critical, job-specific knowledge with them. Capture all the processes, files, and duties of each employee to ensure the company retains that critical knowledge to keep the company growing.

File monitoring File Monitoring

Dynamic file monitoring prompts employees to place frequently accessed files into their virtual binders. This feature helps to ensure the virtual binders always contain the key documents and files employees use to be productive.

True Cloud True cloud

Increase collaboration and ensure critical files are centrally located and secure with this true cloud offering. Allow employees to access files anytime, anywhere, while at the same time, keeping one version of the file up to date, centrally located, and backed up.

Security Secure and Encrypted

All Role Binders and files have customizable permission settings to ensure the data is secure. With Rolesync, companies can be assured that all industry leading firewalls, encryption methods, and intrusion prevention systems are in place to protect your data.